How I became Content Manager at the UK’s fastest growing software company

In November 2017, I landed the role of Content Manager at Paddle, then the UK’s fastest growing software company. At the time, they were an ambitious team of 40. Today, they’re a team of 140, and still growing.

By all accounts, Paddle was—and remains—a rocketship, boasting stellar revenue and logo growth, a world-class team, and an incredible opportunity for a content marketer to help shape their trajectory. As Content Manager, I was only the company’s second marketing hire, reporting directly to their newly minted CMO.

In short: this was a sweet gig.

First day at Paddle.jpg

First day. See the terror in my eyes.

When I applied, I had little conventional experience. I had never worked at a startup. My academic credentials were middling and largely irrelevant. I was young. I had just left the small marketing agency I had co-founded, my only other experience as a freelance copywriter. I was in the midst of an existential crisis, worried I was simply unqualified for the job I wanted.

And then I received an offer.

Many factors contributed to securing that job, and while I can’t share (or even guess) every facet of what made my application successful, I can at least share the presentation I pitched to the company’s CEO and CMO as part of the interview process.

These twelve short slides provide a useful framework for thinking about content strategy, and how best to present it to startup executives (in fact, I have a friend that based some of her own successful job application on these slides).

As for the job itself, it turns out that a five-hour daily commute isn’t sustainable, so my tenure was extremely—like, four days extremelyshort-lived…
but that’s a story for another time.

The presentation

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