The Content Marketing Library

When I became a manager, I started compiling a list of top-tier content marketing resources to share with my team (and keep me on my toes). It’s proved incredibly useful—so I’m sharing it here, with you.

These articles have been gleamed from dozens of peer recommendations, and hundreds of hours of reading and sourcing content for my newsletter.

This isn’t designed to be the most exhaustive collection of resources—instead, it’s a carefully curated selection with no fluff, and no filler. It’s a hands-on grounding in the core principles of stellar content marketing, like a free certification course compiled from the web’s finest commentary and ideas.

Hope it helps!

Table of contents

Content marketing 101

Essential reading for anyone involved in content marketing.


Content strategy

Advice for brainstorming, structuring and improving entire content marketing campaigns.


Content promotion

Resources designed to help connect your content marketing to the readers it was destined for.


Technical marketing

Actionable advice for incorporating simple programming and data analysis into content marketing.


SEO and keyword research

Articles geared towards understanding and optimizing content for search engines.


Writing and editing

Articles exploring the craft of writing and editing within a marketing context.


Content maintenance

Resources for keeping content in top condition, months and years after publication.


Personal development

Hard-won lessons for content marketers looking to level-up their careers.